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Plant’s Alive!
The Elizabeth Morse Genius Children’s Garden 

Open Every Day of the Year

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm daily; Wednesdays till 8 pm
Where: Inside The Conservatory — Southwest Wing
Cost: Free

Ages: All


The Children's Garden is located inside the Garfield Park Conservatory, is open every day of the year to all visitors! Read on for important information and don't miss out on our "Discovery Area" and free "Weekend Activity Time" sessions in the Children's Garden..
Inside this botanical wonderland, a gigantic vine beckons children to trace it from root to blossom, while a 7-foot-tall seed waits to be climbed. Here, the curious can unravel the many mysteries of plant life, and the adventurous can hunt for some of the most unusual specimens found in the Garfield Park Conservatory (some of which are included on our downloadable Eye Spy Conservatory Hunt). Young explorers will encounter the Sensitive Plant, so shy that it cringes when touched, and the Balsa Tree, which emits a hollow sound when the trunk is tapped.
Up on the mezzanine, children can befriend a larger-than-life bee and assist it in pollinating the largest flower in the room before taking a ride down the twirling stem of a green slide. Young toddlers and babies are invited to explore the colors and textures of soft-form blocks and play rings in the special permanent Crawling Area, and can slip down their own miniature green slide.

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